Connect with your heart through sound.

I have worked with hundreds of people across different age groups, levels of experience, and cultures, helping individuals like you embrace the power of your own sound, and connect more completely with your voice and heart.

Client Success

Find More Range

A singer and teacher for decades, Sam only knew her voice as huge and powerful, with a somewhat limited range. As we worked together, she discovered so many other facets of her voice, many different colors and other beautiful qualities of timbre, as well as almost two more octaves of range. Samantha says, “Through our work together, we have totally transformed my instrument.”

Samantha Smith
Educator, School Administrator
Chorister, United Kingdom

Communicate Better with Your Loved Ones

Susan shared that she took just one aspect of the work we were doing together and applied it to her daily life, in particular to her communications with her husband. Almost immediately their relationship of 35 years began to transform. There was more ease, her husband felt she heard him more, and she also felt heard. They began to have more connected and meaningful conversations. In her words, “I am amazed at how simple it was to bring this about. I was not expecting it.”

Dr. Susan Mohini Kane DMA
Soprano, Songwriter, Professor Emeritus, Author, Founder of Santosha Voice Group
Southern California

Express More of What's Inside of You

Jeff came to me specifically wanting to express more of what was inside of him in his communications with the world, especially in conversation with others. He was already a warm-hearted and articulate communicator, but he felt he was holding something back. After our first session, he found himself painting every day. Unbeknownst to me, a passion for painting had been totally stalled in his life. Jeff told me that though our work together, the connection to his inner thoughts and feelings had opened and begun showing up in this and other unexpected places.

Jeff Elster
Project Manager
Northeastern United States

Reawakening a Dampened Voice

Christina Marie Anderson
Owner, Web Developer
Southeastern United States

Connect with your heart through sound.

Through our work together, you will develop and nurture a relationship with your voice that enables you to understand and let go of what may be in the way of your fullest and most effective expression. Using simple yet transformative tools and exercises, you will become empowered to communicate the best of yourself to the world.