The world needs to hear from more people in touch with with their true voice, comfortable with sharing their unique sound.

The world needs your unique voice.

You are a successful teacher, a singer, a speaker, an entrepreneur, a parent.You love your life, and you use your voice constantly while living it. And yet…

Your voice tires easily, becomes tight, even stops functioning sometimes when you need it the most.

You often feel you have to struggle to be heard.

You feel you are not communicating what you really want to say.

You know there is more to your voice – more range, a richer tone quality, more expressiveness.

You’ve always wanted to explore the possibilities.

You enjoy music, and most of the soundscape of your life. You know that sound affects your mental and emotional state, that it affects your well-being. And yet...

You are not sure which sounds are most beneficial for you and others in your life.

You wonder which music, and which sounds truly enhance and nourish you, and which ones bring you down. And why?

You feel that managing the sound in your life is important, and you don’t know how to begin.


Enjoy Your Sound

Enjoy Your Sound is a signature mentorship program with me, Joyce Wells, for anyone who wants to experience more freedom and ease with their voice, or who knows that they have more to express than what they are communicating now.

Increase the Power of Your Communication

In this personalized, high-touch experience, you will learn how to develop and nurture a deep and comfortable relationship with your voice that enables you to understand and let go of what may be in the way of your fullest and most effective expression.

Using simple, yet transformative tools and exercises, you will be empowered to connect with your heart through sound, improve the quality of your voice, and communicate your best to the world.

What You'll Get


One Hour Assessment + Coaching Session


Four, ONE-hour Coaching Sessions


One Live Q+A Session


A Personalized Plan


Written materials that support your ongoing development


Lifelong access to support

The Intangible Benefits


Reconnect to the simple joy of making sound, whether singing or speaking.


Convey your messages with grace, poise, and clarity.


Learn simple tools that free your voice, optimize its resonance, and increase your vocal stamina


Stimulate your body and mind to open channels of new artistry, thinking, and connection.


Know yourself better through knowing and embracing the power of your unique voice.


Experience the peace that comes from being heard while communicating with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

My program includes rigor while acknowledging your specific individual needs, for example your pace, physiology, spirituality, and desired outcomes. I won’t know in advance the specific direction exercises and tools that you will need. And I am fully committed to getting you where you want to go. If I’m not able to do that, I will help you find someone who can.

In your case I call it polishing the gems. I have worked with hundreds of people across different age groups, levels of experience, and cultures. So far every one of them went to a higher level in our work together. Sometimes it was a surprise to both of us when we discovered what that hidden next level was, but it was always there, and it allowed them to give more to their world.

Yes. I can show you how to embody your voice, get in touch with what you really want to say, and express it with poise and confidence. We may address this on several different levels, even analyzing and managing the sounds you choose to hear in your everyday life.

Absolutely. I meet you exactly where you are and create a judgment-free atmosphere where you can safely explore and experiment.
I will serve you, and be your biggest supporter. I sincerely believe for each student – you can do this!

Reconnect With Your True Voice



Together we assess your relationship with your voice, your specific needs and your aspirations to create an individualized plan.



I coach and guide you through a series of practice sessions that address the key areas of growth we identified in your assessment.



I create a personalized plan of leading vocal tools and exercises, personalized for you, to support your continued growth and development.

Connect with your heart through sound.

Through our work together, you will develop and nurture a relationship with your voice that enables you to understand and let go of what may be in the way of your fullest and most effective expression. Using simple yet transformative tools and exercises, you will become empowered to communicate the best of yourself to the world.