Meet Joyce

Joyce Wells is a singer, songwriter, and educator based in upstate New York. She brings a unique blend of expertise and experience to her work. After training and performing since early childhood in the classical, folk and pop genres, Joyce went on to study several methods of vocal pedagogy, as well as Indian music and the power of sound according to the ancient tradition of Vedic chanting, adding the study and practice of yoga and meditation to her pursuits. Next she began incorporating the latest research on the healing properties of music into her work.

Joyce's Story

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. Singing came naturally to me and has been a lifelong passion, a fertile field of growth in every landscape of my life. I also studied classical piano and guitar. By my early 20s I knew enough to begin teaching vocal and instrumental technique to help students to progress in their craft.

After traveling and performing with various ensembles and as a solo act, I began working for an organization where I honed and utilized my skills even more. I sang, taught, created courses, and continued to learn. I also began studying Indian music and the power of sound according to the ancient tradition of Vedic chanting, and the latest research on the healing properties of music.

As I approached my mid 30s, I began to have problems with my voice — losing the higher notes and struggling in the mid range. Since I was a voice teacher and thought I knew a lot, I remember being very surprised and dismayed, and thinking that maybe I could sing for 2 or 3 more years. I faced the distressing reality that I might have to give up this treasured gift and livelihood.

Fortunately, the organization I worked for valued and understood the power of sound, especially the voice. Through it I was introduced to a teacher who specializes in vocal care, and who trained me in the methods I use now, along with the other knowledge I have gained along the way, to help people embrace their sound and strengthen their relationship with their voice. I was able to continue singing, and then some, and most of all — now I could also help others who found themselves in a similar situation. I began to focus more on various methods of vocal pedagogy and building my toolbox as a voice teacher.

After traveling extensively teaching, studying and performing, I made a transition and went back to school to get a Masters Degree in Holistic Music Education. Then I taught music, both privately and in the classroom, to elementary aged children for 16 years, while continuing to perform, write music, coach adults, and learn more about sound as a healing force.

Since retiring from the schools in 2020, just as the pandemic arrived, I have turned my focus to sharing my knowledge and experience with an even wider audience, as a way of giving back. My specialty as a teacher is empowering students, young and old alike, to develop passion for sound, and to understand its power in their lives. Whether for singing, speaking,or even listening, I give them skills to create beautiful sound that is relevant to every part of their lives.

Why Joyce

High Touch

One size does not fit all. I tailor your training to your specifics needs and challenges, and am fully committed to getting you where you want to go.


I have decades of experience practicing, honing, and teaching what I share with you in the Enjoy Your Sound program.


I have worked with hundreds of people across different age groups, levels of experience, and cultures.

Full Suite

I employ an extensive set of varied and interrelated tools to help you speak or sing effectively.


I meet you exactly where you are, creating a space where you can safely explore, experiment, and develop your own sound.


My program is rigorous while acknowledging your specific needs. These include your comfortable pace, your physiology, your prior training, your spirituality and your desired outcomes.

Connect with your heart through sound.

Through our work together, you will develop and nurture a relationship with your voice that enables you to understand and let go of what may be in the way of your fullest and most effective expression. Using simple yet transformative tools and exercises, you will become empowered to communicate the best of yourself to the world.